A Little Dye Project


After Rhinebeck, the fiber fun continued at Mom’s house!  She had one skein (~1100 yds lace weight, Merino/Bamboo blend) left to dye so Monday morning we set out to dye it up!  We made a few little mini skeins for experimenting, soaked them in citric acid…


Picked a few colors…


and away we went…


We started with just purple…


Notice how Mom’s technique rinses clear!  No bleeding, no excess dye, no mess!  I’ll save the rant for some other time but seriously, this is the way it should always be!


Of course, I wasn’t content with just one color.


Green and, eventually, Orange wiggled their way into the plan.  At some point over the weekend, I was bitten by the Halloween bug.  It didn’t itch or sting but the effects seem to be growing.  Neon Green yarn at Rhinebeck was not enough.  This is the sample I decided upon…


I knew what I was doing, I made the crazy clown barf decision with willful defiance.  I have no one but myself to blame if it doesn’t work out.  LOL!  So we set to work…


To prevent the colors from bleeding into each other, we applied the dye with a thickening agent.  It was messy and squishy and it took a while.


I can see why hand painted yarns are so expensive!  It was labor intensive!


Roll it up and into the microwave it went!

wrapped up

After it cooled, we rinsed it and this is what we were left with…


I love it!  I have a few ideas for it!  It’s so fun!  I’m gonna admire it for a bit…I have a feeling it will be wound soon!


  1. AndreSue

    Great post!! I haven’t used a thickening agent for dyeing yet but I’ve thought about it for when I dye sock blanks- that’s when I have the most trouble keeping the colors from running. It will be exciting to see your hand-dyed knit up!! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FogKnits

      There’s definitely a learning curve, but it is fun to play with samples and pick colors and see what happens!

      The only problem…you can dye yarn a lot faster than you can knit it! My stash is growing a bit out of control :) not that there’s anything wrong with that!


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