FO Friday – Planes, Trains and Automobiles Edition

I didn’t plan for this week to be an FO bonanza…or maybe I did?  I’m sure when I booked a flight with a connection instead of paying more for the non-stop, I rationalized it with a ‘more knitting time’ mantra.  

My planes, trains and automobiles schedule has afforded me two FOs today!  

  First on the way to Salt Lake City, I finished a Unicorn Fart hat!  These are so fun…I’m sure the whole skein is going to follow suit! 

  Then on the way to Newark, I finished a rabbit fur cowl!  I flew coach, but the knitting was first class all the way!  Real rabbit fur yarn is not for everyone.  It’s made from recycled rabbit hides that would have been thrown away otherwise…reduce, reuse, recycle! 
Only 10 more minutes on the train…it’s gonna be Rhinebeck time before I know it!


  1. Maggienesium

    Congratulations! You’re hella prolific!!!
    I’m really curious about this rabbit yarn – does it have a name and where can I find some to try out? I’m not a big fur person, but I’m all about using the whole animal so I think this could definitely be a thing if I’m not allergic to it :D

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    1. FogKnits

      I do spend a lot of time with yarn & needles in hand…this was all coincidence though. I hadn’t really planned any FO’s for the week!

      I’m definitely going to do a better rabbit fur post, this was mostly to try out posting from my phone :)

      Furaz is the brand name for the rabbit, I’m pretty sure I linked to it on Ravelry!

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