FO Friday – THE Rhinebeck Sweater!


Not only is it finished, it’s finished a week early!  Woooohooo!!  The Rhinebeck Sweater is a success!  I can tell already it’s going to be worn constantly!  I can’t wait to wear it at Rhinebeck for a proper photo shoot!


The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in color Bruin.  It’s superwash.  It brought the expected superwash problems.  Upon washing, it had no choice but to stretch.  That left me with only one choice, machine drying.  It snapped back into place but it got beat up in the process.  The first round of pilling was plentiful.  It was bound to happen.  It is amazingly soft!


The other lesson I learned from this sweater, go down a needle size for edging.  It’s totally a thing in patterns for a reason.  I should have thought to do it.  Oh well…my seed stitch border along the bottom edge is a little loose.  It’s very near to the edge of ruffly.  But it’s got pockets so all is forgiven!

I’m taking the sweater to Oregon for a little coming out party…hopefully I’ll get to visit a yarn shop or two as well :)  It’s doubtful I’ll be able to resist.


  1. Pinko Knitter

    It turned out really nice. I love the pockets, the zipper and collar look great, and it fits you well. It looks comfy and cozy, just the kind of sweater you want to wear all the time, and you were wise enough to knit it in a color that will go with almost anything. (Did I mention I love the color?) Congratulations!

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