Rhinebeck Sweater: The Collar

I am officially avoiding the zipper.  That leaves me with 11 days until I leave and a sudden desire to weave in ends.  That doesn’t make good blog fodder though.  Neither does sewing up the armpit hole.  The collar on the other hand…that needs some discussion.


I had originally planned a hood, but no more.  It was going to be decorative, not functional.  Even if I made it functional, I wouldn’t use it.  I’ve never used any of the hoods on the hoodies I already own, no doubt this one would be the same.   I’m not really sure why I wanted a hood in the first place?  So…time for a new plan.  I want a simple collar.  I do want a collar though, none of that i-cord bind off business.

I’ve been making the easiest choice possible for this sweater…so my first inclination is just a continuation of the seed stitch, straight up into a square collar that will fold over.   Apparently, I haven’t done many collars before…I don’t have an option B in mind.  So, feel free, wise knitting denizens of the internet, to make suggestions in the comments!  I’d love some more ideas!


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