Rhinebeck Sweater: 15 days to go!


I am offically in a New York State of mind (which is entirely different from a New York state of mind…)  I leave for Rhinebeck in 15 days and the Rhinebeck Sweater is progressing nicely!  Actually, that’s an understatement!  I’m so excited right now!  It’s one thing to make plans, it’s something else entirely to execute a plan!  In the immortal words of John “Hannibal” Smith…I love it when a plan comes together!!

I’m just gonna gloss over the bit where sleeve two magically appeared and I’m not gonna talk about zipper progress (it’s half way there…)  Today, I nailed down the pocket and I love it!


I was going to go for a straight patch pocket but got sick of trying to decide exactly what cast on, what seam stitch, what bind off??  Too many decisions!  So I just went for it, picked up one leg of each stitch along the row where I wanted the bottom of my pocket and knit up.   Naturally this happened around midnight last night…it’s when all the best knitting happens!  This morning I had a quick consult with one of  my knitting doctors, a technical wizard who knew just the thing I needed:  a modified flat 3 needle bind off!   It gave me a nice decorative edge along the top of my pocket and true to it’s name, did not add bulk!  I still have to sew the edge seam, it’s gonna be a challenge…I don’t actually want to take it off!


Not the best picture but you get the idea…it’s officially a real sweater!  Weave ends and it could be called done!!!


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