WIP Friday – Jolly Roger!


I had FO Wednesday, so it makes sense that I’d have a WIP Friday :)


I’ve made it to the solid green lace edge on my shawl!


Of course, if I didn’t stop to take so many pictures, I’d probably be done by now!


Happy Halloween!  Hope your weekend is all treats!

Shameless Self-Promotion Thursday!

hand knit octopus hat knit hat cephalopod hat

I finished yesterday’s Gnome hat.  Turns out it was really the Octopus’s Garden  all along :)  With that, I’ve finally managed to take some photos and do an Etsy shop update!  Check it out if you’re behind in your Christmas knitting or just want some new inspiration for your own work!  Lots of one of a kind hand knits from hand dyed yarn!

FogKnits on Etsy

rainbow hat handknit hat knit hat

A Big Unicorn Fart

pom pom hat knit pom pom tails funny hat

Another Sea Life Inspired Hat, The Fighting Jellyfish

unicorn farts hat hand dyed yarn striped rainbow hat

A Small Unicorn Fart Hat


A Hitchhiker From Oregon

Among many others!

FogKnits on Etsy

FO Wednesday – Gnome Hat


Instant Gratification Woooo!  I meant to start this hat so I’d have something not neon green for WIP Wednesday.  Turns out, bulky yarn (handspun bolivian llama, handdyed by Mom!), 10.5 needles and a bit of late night knitting were just the thing I wanted yesterday!  Poof!  Instant Hat!

I don’t think it’s really done though.  I want to spice it up with something…maybe some surface crochet vine/leaf motifs or something to make it even more gnome-y, a toadstool applique or a butterfly or some other garden thing.  Another excuse to stash dive, in any case!   Any Suggestions?

It ain’t easy being a zombie


I picked this yarn at Rhinebeck because.  Certainly not because I had a plan for it.  It’s Wild Hare Fiber Studio’s Pinnacle Fingering in colorways I Want My Zombie and It Ain’t Easy.


And then, I found the perfect pattern!  Add in Halloween week and it seems like I planned this all along!  I haven’t gotten to the exciting part yet…right now I’m just lollygagging my way through a modified half pi shawl until I get to the lace edging.


Oh yes…Neon Green Lace Skulls!!  I have honestly never been so excited to knit lace before.  I’m putting my new found love of lace (and continental knitting) to the test!  Woot!   The pattern is the Jolly Roger Shawl by AinoDesigns and that’s the designers photo up there.  I think it’s going to be even better in neon!  Having it done for the weekend is questionable but why start making reasonable decisions now?  I will knit on!

A Sunday Special: The Doodler WestKnits Fall 2015 MKAL


Stephen West has announced a new Mystery Knit Along!!   (I’m excited!!  I will not be editing all the !!! out!!) Here’s what we do know…it’s a shawl (my fav!) and it uses 3 colors.  That’s pretty much all I need to know…I love it already!   The name of the pattern is The Doodler.  It’s conjuring amazing mental images for me!  I can’t wait to see what Stephen has cooked up for us!

Clue One arrives November 6th.  That’s plenty of time to dither over colors.  I proudly proclaimed that my first trio of colors was it.  I was done, I had a plan, all I had to do was wait.  Ha!  So, now I have several plans.   :)

I went stashdiving first!  I have a large stash of MadelineTosh Pashmina, single skeins just for this purpose!  I love to play mix n match with my yarn!  I’ve got (at least) two friends joining me so I imagined what each of us, with our own unique style would pick.

Here’s Kim & Clementine…


Both lovely but not quite me, here’s what I picked for myself…


It would have been perfectly acceptable except then I went to Rhinebeck and this happened…

gales art doodler yarn

This is another lovely choice.  And it’s currently the front runner.  Except then this happened…

jitterbug milkyway mkal

One of my knitting students decided to join the MKAL.  These are her colors.  I’m sort of jealous.  We picked her colors using the ‘what would stephen pick?’ method.  I think an afternoon of stashdiving will be in order for me!  I have a lovely option, now I want an option with pizzazz!

Anyone else participating?  I’d love to see your colors!  Have you gone for your comfort zone or Stephen’s?

FO Friday – It’s been a busy week

I’ve got three hats and a cowl to show for this week!  Turns out there’s a lot of knitting time involved with getting to New York and back again!

IMG_4991 IMG_4992

The first two hats are Unicorn Fart hats!  I love seeing the effect of removing just a few stitches from the cast on!  Two completely different hats! (Read Here to find out how to dye your own Unicorn Farts!)  My Mom dyed the energizer bunny of yarn skeins…3 hats and I’ve barely made a dent in it!  I’m sure I’ll get at least 3 more out of it!

unicorn farts remnamts

The third hat we’ve been calling the Midnight Ride of the Unicorn.  It’s Unicorn Farts on a dark navy yarn instead of a white yarn!  I wanted to have a little fun with it, so it became a stocking cap!  I love seeing the pattern change as the rounds get shorter and shorter!  This is a lot of fun to wear!


My last FO of the week is by no means the least of the week…a real rabbit fur cowl!


Yes, that is actually knit!  The ‘yarn’ is a bit of rabbit hide with the fur still in tact!


It’s from meat packing plants in Europe where they eat a lot of rabbit.  At least that’s the story…I’m choosing to believe it’s the truth because I really love this cowl!


It’s as soft and lovely as you’d expect a cute fuzzy bunny to be.  I’ll bet he tasted good too!  (ha!  too soon?)  Here’s a link to the fur page on Ravelry!   It’s fun stuff!  Eventually, I’ll have one in every color!  I’ve also done a few hats with it, I’ve gotta stop giving those away!

Here’s a sneak peek of my Rhinebeck yarn to hit the needles…details next week!  It’s a good one!


A Little Dye Project


After Rhinebeck, the fiber fun continued at Mom’s house!  She had one skein (~1100 yds lace weight, Merino/Bamboo blend) left to dye so Monday morning we set out to dye it up!  We made a few little mini skeins for experimenting, soaked them in citric acid…


Picked a few colors…


and away we went…


We started with just purple…


Notice how Mom’s technique rinses clear!  No bleeding, no excess dye, no mess!  I’ll save the rant for some other time but seriously, this is the way it should always be!


Of course, I wasn’t content with just one color.


Green and, eventually, Orange wiggled their way into the plan.  At some point over the weekend, I was bitten by the Halloween bug.  It didn’t itch or sting but the effects seem to be growing.  Neon Green yarn at Rhinebeck was not enough.  This is the sample I decided upon…


I knew what I was doing, I made the crazy clown barf decision with willful defiance.  I have no one but myself to blame if it doesn’t work out.  LOL!  So we set to work…


To prevent the colors from bleeding into each other, we applied the dye with a thickening agent.  It was messy and squishy and it took a while.


I can see why hand painted yarns are so expensive!  It was labor intensive!


Roll it up and into the microwave it went!

wrapped up

After it cooled, we rinsed it and this is what we were left with…


I love it!  I have a few ideas for it!  It’s so fun!  I’m gonna admire it for a bit…I have a feeling it will be wound soon!

Rhinebeck Round Up

I don’t even know where to start! Rhinebeck packed so much into two days…yarn, fall, a little bit of winter, friends old & new, sheep, llamas, goats and oh yeah…yarn!

First of all…don’t go on Saturday.  It was an absolute mob scene.  I enjoy fellow knitters normally.  That was not the case on Saturday.  The crowd was oppressive.  Waiting for the crowd to die down on Sunday  is the best advice nobody gave me.

The biggest crowd seemed to be those clamoring for Miss Babs limited edition Rhinebeck color way. I tried twice Saturday but gave up in defeat.  Sunday I braved the crowd and managed to get my hands on two skeins of DK weight Kaweah in the sacred color.

I like it well enough but I don’t have plans for it.  It may end up in my stash on Ravelry ‘For Sale or Trade’.

Here’s the rest of my new stash…

In the front are two skeins from Gale’s Art, if I can find a third in the stash I think they’ll become this fall’s MKAL from Stephen West!

The neon green skeins are from Wild Hare Fiber Co.  I couldn’t leave without some neon!  I think they’ll become the Jolly Roger shawl.  Sorry, normally I’d link it but posting from the phone is a pain.  It’s a crescent shape, stockinette body and lace border with a skull motif.  I’ve got Halloween on the brain!

The single grey skein is from Neighborhood Fiber Company.  I’ve got a gradient kit, I’m hoping this will stripe well with!  If not, you can never have too much grey in the stash.  It’s definitely my favorite neutral!

Aside from shopping, there was goat petting…

Knitwear admiring…

Leaf peeping…

Llama leaping… (Or not!)

And of course, more shopping…


 And now, it’s time to KNIT!!!

FO Friday – Planes, Trains and Automobiles Edition

I didn’t plan for this week to be an FO bonanza…or maybe I did?  I’m sure when I booked a flight with a connection instead of paying more for the non-stop, I rationalized it with a ‘more knitting time’ mantra.  

My planes, trains and automobiles schedule has afforded me two FOs today!  

  First on the way to Salt Lake City, I finished a Unicorn Fart hat!  These are so fun…I’m sure the whole skein is going to follow suit! 

  Then on the way to Newark, I finished a rabbit fur cowl!  I flew coach, but the knitting was first class all the way!  Real rabbit fur yarn is not for everyone.  It’s made from recycled rabbit hides that would have been thrown away otherwise…reduce, reuse, recycle! 
Only 10 more minutes on the train…it’s gonna be Rhinebeck time before I know it!

FO Thursday – Striped Rays

garter stitch

In a come-from-behind surprise, It’s another FO day!  Woooo!  This time it’s my Striped Rays that is done.



There may be a few ends to weave.

This pattern (Dotted Rays by Stephen West) was terrific for using up oddments of all shapes and sizes.  Ends are the price I pay for stashbusting.  I love to see all those weird little bits find a forever home!  I saved them for a long time, knowing the perfect project would come along and it finally did.  I’m so happy for them.  They’re very happy oddments now.

They aren’t that odd after all, they’re just late bloomers.

dotted rays

I should take this on the plane tomorrow and force myself to do the ends but we all know that won’t happen.   Especially when I can look at this and pretend it’s already done!

striped rays westknits dotted rays shawl stashbusting scraps

No, the ride to Rhinebeck calls for exciting knitting, not end weaving.  I still haven’t decided yet and now it’s officially time to pack!!

fogknits selfie

Hope you all have a knitterly weekend…I certainly will!

Rhinebeck or Bust!