WIP Wednesday: Dotted Rays

My second Dotted Rays has been on the back burner while I work on the Rhinebeck Sweater.  What started as a momentary pause in the Rhinebeck action has become a full on diversion…two pairs of fingerless mitts, a hat that I didn’t even mean to knit and a nearly finished Dotted Rays.  I can’t stop now.  This Dotted Rays will be done shortly.  It started off as a stash-buster, looking like this…


This is what’s left of that pile today…almost gone!

stashbusting yarn scraps dotted rays

I thought, maybe, a work-in-progress shot would be nice.  I thought, maybe, Rocky might like to help, he’s been well behaved and mellow all morning.

dotted rays rocky

I should have known that meant he was holding back his inner hellcat for just the right moment.  This moment right here…


Followed closely by this moment…

needle in mouth

I don’t think that’s what he expected, either.  That was the end of that, though.  Dotted Rays went off to lay by itself after that.

dotted rays westknits

I really mean it today when I say the Rhinebeck Sweater is going back on the needles.  I leave in 23 days!  It’s now or never!, (maybe tomorrow?)


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