It’s been a productive 24 hours!  I finished yesterday’s owl (unless you’re counting the thumb!).  I left it’s creepy eyes.  Turns out, gauge is useful information to check.  I was way off gauge and so I’ve got mitts to fit a small adult hand, which kind of solves the creepy eye problem.  I’m not concerned about traumatizing an adult like I was with a kid. I finished mitt #2 (unless you’re counting the thumb! again!)


Between owls, I even managed to finish Rhinebeck Sleeve #1!  I do seem to be avoiding sleeve two though.  I think pockets and the zipper come next!  Heck…a couple thumbs even sound good right about now…


I’m still admiring sleeve one.  It’s too soon to move on!


    1. FogKnits

      Anything you have to do in pairs is susceptible to the dreaded second syndrome. I think sleeve two will be okay though, I’ve just started the zipper and it stinks! It’s already put the ease of the sleeves into perspective!

      And I think I’ve learned my lesson re: white eyes. Dead, black eyes are always better than creepy, white eyes :)

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