Yarn On The House in the House


I celebrated getting my new job by buying yarn.  It took them six weeks but they finally paid me!  It seemed like another occasion to celebrate with stash enhancement, especially since I no longer have that job!  Nothing cheers me up like new yarn!  Add in a special visit from YOTH yarns and it was the perfect storm of yarn buying!

As someone accurately summed it up to me, YOTH was the Rookie of the Year this year at Stitches.  Their booth was sold out by noon each day.  I didn’t even get to see their yarn because it was gone so soon.  So, I was pretty excited to find out a LYS was hosting a YOTH special event.  On the exact day, the job I no longer had was paying me one big lump sum??  It was clearly meant to be!  Here’s what I left the event with…


2 Puppies (that’s the yarn on on a stick), 3 Little Brothers (which sounds like torture!) and a roll of masking tape!  The Little Brothers are a gorgeous, soft MCN.  Absolutely amazing!  They’re destined to become (yet another) shawl.  I love it already!   The pink gradient Puppy will not be discussed and I’ve already parted with the green Puppy.  A friend arrived late and missed out on the green which she loved.  After thinking about it on my way home, and how much I loved the color and how sad and lonely it would be on a shelf and how much happier we’d all be if it was on knitting needles, I worked out a trade with said friend.


She got the Green Puppy and I got two skeins of FeederBrook Farms Superwash Merino DK in Green!  It’s almost like I had two shopping sprees instead of just one!  And then I checked the mail on Saturday and found an amazing box from a college friend…


Two project bags that she made herself!  The fabric is awesome, San Francisco landmarks and two different knitting themed fabrics!  And tape measure drawstings!!  I love that little detail!

and oh yeah, I also got a gift from the fine folks at YOTH, a tote bag and a skein of what appears to be a new yarn.  The tag says ‘New American Wool Lace Weight’.  ooohhhhh! aaaaahhh!  I love it!


So, all in all, an embarrassment of riches.   As usual.  It’s a bit of a regular thing here.  I don’t take it for granted.  I think of Warren Zevon and Enjoy Every Sandwich.  Shortly after counting my blessings Saturday night, I heard that friends have lost their home and their jobs in the Valley Fire in NorCal.  The fire moved very quickly, is still barely contained and has leveled hundreds of homes.  It’s overwhelming to truly think about the scope of this and the number of families who’s lives have changed so drastically in such a short time.

I don’t have cash to donate to the cause, but I do have a stocked Etsy shop that can be turned into cash!  Until the end of the month, proceeds from every sale in my shop are going to my friends, John & Jocelyn to help them rebuild their lives.

 FogKnits on Etsy, check it out!   

There’s a few patterns, a bit of a book destash, a button destash and lots of knitwear!  Patterns are only $5!  Even the littlest bit helps!  Thanks in advance, your support means the world!

(Small Disclaimer:  I feel foolish having so many stash enhancement posts, calling it celebrating and then saying I don’t have cash for a worthy cause so please give me yours so it’s probably time I come clean, I actually work for the LYS that I haven’t mentioned previously and I get paid in yarn.  Yarn honestly is my form of currency these days.  It’s the one thing I have in boatloads.  I would certainly give it to my friends if they needed it!  And there will be knitting for them in the future, it’s just not time yet!  Not that I think knitters will judge me, ya’ll tend to be awesome…but still…)


  1. littleblackdogsa

    Enjoyed your post tremendously. Sorry to hear about the losses in the NorCal fires. It is very sad indeed.
    Pretty yarns, and I would agree with you on stashes and collecting and knitting for others.
    Have fun and enjoy the pretty goodies, I think they are just awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Missy's Crafty Mess

    Love your new yarns. I keep watching about the horrific fires in California. So sorry to hear that you have friends who are personally effected.


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