FO Friday – Exploration Continuation


Exploration Continuation is DONE!  With yarn to spare even!  The i-cord bind off didn’t even take that long!  This thing is huge but it’s dk weight so there are actually not that many stitches, all things considered.


It’s name and the first half of the design, come from last year’s Westknits’ MKAL, Exploration Station, Clue 1.  In the original design, Clue 2 kicks off with brioche, not everyone’s favorite.  I replaced the remainder of the shawl with more repeats of Clue 1…hence, Exploration Continuation!  It’s my favorite shlanket ever!  That’s half shawl & half blanket!  I’m so happy it’s a crisp day out so I can stay wrapped up all day!




Rocky would approve, except he knows this is the only time he’ll be allowed near it.


And of course, the over the shoulder selfie so you can see how big it really is…



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