Journey to a Shawl

This shawl has had a short life but the journey has already been long…







Just one row remains, the bind off!  And, I snuck half a Rhinebeck Sleeve in this weekend as well.  Things are looking today for completing all projects on time!  Woot!

FO Friday – Unicorn Farts Hat

Earlier in the week, back when I was laughing in the face of deadlines, I started (and subsequently finished) a new hat!  If only I’d done Sleeve #2 instead of goofed off…that’s a whole other story though…


Turns out Unicorn Farts are the perfect remedy for the Brown Sweater Blues.  I love how wearable my brown sweater will be but seeing this rainbow swirl develop was a lot more exciting!


This is some of the yarn my Mom dyed for me!  She followed this very detailed tutorial to dye what is called Unicorn Farts with Kool-Aid!  I decided to make a hat with it because I’ll actually be able to make multiple hats!  This yarn is too fun not to share.

IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4411

I love everything about this hat!  I can’t wait to make more, but first it’s a sea of brown and camel for me!

Another Rhinebeck Distraction

I love a challenge!  I must, there’s no other explanation!  With 22 days to finish my Rhinebeck Sweater, I took a custom order for a shawl.  It’s really more of a shawlette, at least that’s how I’m rationalizing it!  I’ve made good progress in a short time, new beginnings are always fun!


I’ve got two weeks to bang this sucker out.  The pattern is the Trinity Shawl, from bay area local Kira K.  Like the name implies, it’s based on the Trinity Stitch.  So far, so good.  Although, I expect this to be a ‘character builder’.  Lace stinks, it’s my least favorite thing, ugh!   I’ll be adjusting my attitude if anyone needs me.  :)

WIP Wednesday: Dotted Rays

My second Dotted Rays has been on the back burner while I work on the Rhinebeck Sweater.  What started as a momentary pause in the Rhinebeck action has become a full on diversion…two pairs of fingerless mitts, a hat that I didn’t even mean to knit and a nearly finished Dotted Rays.  I can’t stop now.  This Dotted Rays will be done shortly.  It started off as a stash-buster, looking like this…


This is what’s left of that pile today…almost gone!

stashbusting yarn scraps dotted rays

I thought, maybe, a work-in-progress shot would be nice.  I thought, maybe, Rocky might like to help, he’s been well behaved and mellow all morning.

dotted rays rocky

I should have known that meant he was holding back his inner hellcat for just the right moment.  This moment right here…


Followed closely by this moment…

needle in mouth

I don’t think that’s what he expected, either.  That was the end of that, though.  Dotted Rays went off to lay by itself after that.

dotted rays westknits

I really mean it today when I say the Rhinebeck Sweater is going back on the needles.  I leave in 23 days!  It’s now or never!, (maybe tomorrow?)

FO Friday: Owl Mitts

The Owls got thumbs & a bath last night!  Today they’re resting peacefully while they dry.


The pattern is Ruru by Kylie Bates.  It’s a free Ravelry download and well written!  It’s got full written instructions, none of the ‘reverse shaping for second mitt’ nonsense!  And as I ably demonstrated, you can easily adjust the finished sized by adjusting your gauge and going up a needle size.  I missed the toddler mark (the pattern is written in two sizes, one toddler and one child) but these will fit the toddler mama I’ve got in mind, so we’ll go for the mommy & me set of mitts next week with a second attempt at toddler size!

In the meanwhile, it’s time for the next phase of the Rhinebeck Sweater:  zipper installation.

IMG_4339 IMG_4342

This method came to me via Eunny Jang and this Interweave video.   As I re-watch it again, I see Eunny credit’s the TechKnitter, which totally makes sense because she has awesome alternative techniques to just about everything!  The basic idea is to add yarn to the zipper tape so it becomes something knitters are much more familiar with.  I’ve used this method successfully before on kids garments.  This is the first time I’m doing it for myself though.  It’s kind of a pain.  I was gung-ho early this morning.  I did about four inches and then decided vacuuming was a better idea?!?!  Bizarre.   I leave for Rhinebeck four weeks from today…pretty sure I’ll manage to get it done by then.  And if my apartment gets cleaned in the process, that’s not a bad thing either!!



It’s been a productive 24 hours!  I finished yesterday’s owl (unless you’re counting the thumb!).  I left it’s creepy eyes.  Turns out, gauge is useful information to check.  I was way off gauge and so I’ve got mitts to fit a small adult hand, which kind of solves the creepy eye problem.  I’m not concerned about traumatizing an adult like I was with a kid. I finished mitt #2 (unless you’re counting the thumb! again!)


Between owls, I even managed to finish Rhinebeck Sleeve #1!  I do seem to be avoiding sleeve two though.  I think pockets and the zipper come next!  Heck…a couple thumbs even sound good right about now…


I’m still admiring sleeve one.  It’s too soon to move on!