40 Minutes Shy of FO Friday


On Monday, I was confident I’d have this little triangle shawl done by Friday.  On Wednesday, I knew that was crazy talk.  Somewhere yesterday morning, I had talked myself back into it.  I was so close.  Surely I could squeak a little knitting into my busy day.  I didn’t plan for distractions though!

One benefit of knitting with mini skeins…I could easily estimate how much I had left.  I’m using two skeins of each color.  I counted 8 rows in the first teal mini.  Take one away to account for the growth of each row, that means I had 6 rows to go plus the bind off.  In my 30 minute ‘commute’ I was able to get 3 rows done.  That leaves me 3 rows plus the bind off left, or roughly 40 minutes of knitting to go!  The optimist in me (aka the lady full of crazy talk) things Friday isn’t over yet!  There’s still time.

But first, I’ve gotta put the distraction out of my mind. IMG_4111

Anyone who’s read this blog regularly should have figured out I have a stash accumulation problem.  It’s completely justified to assume I’ve done it again and added more yarn to the stash.  This is some awesome stuff too…I’m a big fan of Ireland and Irish yarns (my favorite sweater, wore daily, is blue tweed from Ireland!)  Much to everyone’s surprise, this is not my yarn!  It’s a big distraction though…


It’s a big tangled distraction!  I have a friend, a delightful, irresistible fellow that I just adore.  Like all of us, he has a mother.  It’s safe to say that she played a big part in his delightful, irresistibleness so when she asked for help with her lovely yarn that had become a tangled mess, I couldn’t say no.  I was happy to find it’s not nearly as bad as it looks.  This is a rather sticky wool, so while it looks bad, the stick has actually prevented the tangle from becoming horrible.  It now looks like this…


There’s one skein left to untangle.  Hard to say where my attention will go next, both the tangle and the cashmere triangle will be satisfying to finish.  The sense of accomplishment from turning a big tangle of yarn into a neatly wound cake is something I’m sure only knitters can appreciate.  After a frustrating afternoon at the new job, having tangible success on my hands was just what I needed!  It is safe to say, they’ll both be finished by Monday!  TGIF!  Nothing like work to make you appreciate the weekend!

Happy Knitting!  See you Monday!

One Mini Left


I’m down to just one Pepperberry Knits Cashmere Mini Skein!  I’m loving the teal!  I spoke too soon when I said it would be finished by Friday though!  I’m not thinking like a person with a job yet!  I feel good about saying next week though!  Each of these mini skeins is 45 yards.  That sounds like nothing…it should practically finish itself!  It’s just stockinette, it’s not anything fancy.  I’m not even doing M1L/M1R, it’s all KFB!   Gimme 5 minutes and I’ll talk myself back into finishing it by tomorrow!

WIP Wednesday: Exploration Continuation

The last time I shared this project it was Stitch n Pitch and I managed to run out of yarn before the game even started!  D’oh!  I tried to get more locally, no luck.  It’s Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, which turns out to be a discontinued yarn.  I was able to find a couple stashes for sale on Ravelry that even matched the correct dye lot!  WHOOOO!  The excitement was short lived.  Unfortunately, those Ravelers never returned my messages.  That left me two choices…frog the whole thing or add more colors.  Being a Stephen West based project, add more colors was really the only choice!


During last week’s field trip to Monarch Knitting, I found one lone skein of Western Sky Knits Sequoia DK in color Spring Greens.  I didn’t have my WIP to do a side by side color comparison but I liked the color enough to wing it.  So far, I’m pleased with it!


I wanted to use up as much of the dark grey as possible so I’m striping the current wedge.  The next wedge will be all light grey and the wedge after that will be all green.  I think I’ll be ready to end it about then, I’m thinking some kind of yellow & green stripes for a border.  It’s going to depend on how much yarn I’ve got left at that point.


And of course, it depends on how I like it as it progresses.  I’m undecided.  Part of what makes WestKnits’ designs work for me is the kitchen sink approach.  Throw it all in and it works.  I’ve barely made it into the kitchen.  I’ve throw in that cabinet from the corner, haven’t made it around to the sink just yet.  Maybe I need more colors??!?!

Happy at Home

Phew!  Training is finally over at work and today, I’m working from home!  I refuse to get dressed!  ha! I’ve never worked from home before, so I’m looking forward to figuring out what the new normal is!  I love routine and habit.  I feel more settled just thinking about it!  The first habit I’m going to integrate into the day:  commuting = knitting.  I pulled out a WIP promptly at 8:30!  That was the easy part!  Putting it down each day is going to be the challenge!

Today’s commute was chartreuse cashmere!  


I’m closing in on the teal quickly.  It was hard to put down before then!  Hopefully there’s ‘traffic’ this afternoon, I wouldn’t mind taking a little extra time to commute! I see an FO Friday coming!  That’s one habit I’ll be happy to have return!


A Weekend of Shawls

I didn’t have much knitting time last week, thanks to the new job!  Full training days, complete with a commute should be replaced later this week with part-time work from home.  I’m really looking forward to that!  I dutifully carried my knitting to work but never had an opportunity to touch it.   There was definitely no staying up all night to knit either.  The only work habit that came right back was impatiently waiting for the weekend!  Short and sweet as it was, I do feel like I made good progress!

I added a couple new stripes to my Striped Rays.  I love watching this kind of scrappy project make progress.  Each stripe changes it, adding more character and personality.  I still don’t have a clear vision of how this one is going to end up!  (and with all those ends to weave in, I’m not in a hurry to get there!)

IMG_4081 IMG_4084

I made it to the fun part of my Pepperberry Knits cashmere mini skein scarf too!  I started the chartreuse stripe!  Oh yeah!  I’ll be adding the teal in no time…


I’ve done some work on the Rhinebeck Sweater too!  Hopefully I’ll be dividing for the sleeves shortly!  That’ll be the real test…does it actually look like a sweater??  Fingers crossed…I should be starting the work from home bit tomorrow!  I fully plan on working in my pj’s!

My Gift from the Magi

I suffer from an embarrassment of riches on a daily basis.  Please don’t take this as a complaint.  I’m really trying to keep the whining to a minimum.  But seriousileeeee…as if yesterday wasn’t enough, today I got a giant box of yarn from my Mom.  and it’s all awesome.  The first day of work was also a success.  I’m theoretically part time but both HR and my new manager mentioned full time in the near future.   I miss my free time already.  I just wanna knit.  Waaaahhhh!  Being unemployed was so fun!  and since I went a little crazy with the casting on over the weekend, I won’t be starting a new project anytime soon.  This is a crisis of O. Henry proportions!

Here’s the new beauties I need to resist…


Four skeins of formerly white Cascade 220.  Mom dyed them varying shades of brown and green with few touches of blue thrown in.  They’ve turned in to Ewoks in my mind.  Maybe that means I should be looking for cowl and hood patterns?!

and my new favorite…Unicorn Farts!


If you haven’t seen this before, check out the tutorial from Tom Boy Knits!  It’s super fun!  I sent Mom the link and within 24 hours she was doing it!  I had to wind it right away.  I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, so maybe that’ll slow me down!


This is one huge sport weight skein, 770 yards.  I’m thinking something from the Martina Behm catalog to avoid unsightly pooling but I don’t want it to be garter stitch.  I liked doing a seed stitch version of the Hitchhiker.  Maybe I need to swatch a little.  That doesn’t really count as an official project, right?

Celebratory Stash Enhancement

I spent the last day of Funemployment treating myself to some new yarn.  I took a day trip down the Monterey peninsula to Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove!  I’ve heard good things and there’s nothing better than a ‘destination’ yarn shop.

As usual, I did not plan ahead.  I impulse bought.  I think I did pretty good at it though.


Quince & Co was one of the big draws to Monarch for me!  I’ve seen all the lovely patterns but never worked with the yarns.  The first four skeins are Tern, 75/25 American Wool/Silk, Fingering Weight, 2 Beach Glass and 2 Wheeler Bay.   I think they’ll become Asunder from North Bound Knitting.

The last 5 skeins are Chickadee, 100% American Wool (I love that!), Fingering Weight, 2 Peacock, 1 Audouin, 1 Caspian, 1 Nasturtium.  No idea what they’ll become but I love the colors!  The whole lot could become something really fun, I definitely have a theme there with my colors.

There’s one other skein that came home with me, it may (fingers crossed) be the solution to my ooops-i-didn’t-buy-enough-yarn problem.  It didn’t make it into the picture though.  I hope you like suspense because I’m not showing it to you!  (yet)

I took two other pictures, this one of a cute pillow they had.  If it had been a kit I probably would have come home with it!


and I found a pocket I really liked on a sample!  This could become the model for my Rhinebeck pockets!


Here it is!  I found it on Ravelry, and turns out the model is one of the helpful gals who works at Monarch!