The Stripe Goes On

Two days off sounds like a lot.  Turns out, it’s not!  At least not when you’re cramming all the abandoned weekday chores, an entire week of social visits and as much knitting as possible into those two days.  I’ve got some stripes to show for my weekend efforts though…


I’m happy about them which is a good thing.  I can now direct all my attention to the never-ending will I have enough yarn question.


That green ball is shrinking at an alarming rate!  I’ve got 18 stripes (or 36 rows) left.  It doesn’t look to bad but looks can be deceiving.   The center of that ball is hollow.  Earlier in the project I center pulled for a bit.  It’s officially mantra time.  At least the rows are getting shorter. At least the rows are getting shorter.  At least the rows are getting shorter.  At least the rows are getting shorter.  At least the rows are getting shorter.


  1. Maggienesium

    You certainly made good use of the weekend! It looks great!

    So I have this fraternal twin sock inspired idea that might help with your yarn situation…(I feel kind of bad for putting out there when you have a vision, so apologies in advance)…

    How about switching to a negative of this color scheme, with the green and gray as accent colors and focusing on that lovely yellow? It might be a nice twist and help you not run out of yarn.

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    1. FogKnits

      ultimately, I’m going to use every bit of yarn I’ve got. I’m trying to save the yellow for an i-cord bind off, which takes a ton of yarn. I’m hoping just a few rows of yellow will get me there! (apparently I’m a sucker!)

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  2. 1marylou

    Have you checked out Stephen West’s patterns? Both Stephens are teaching at Stitches West held in Santa Clara next February. Class sign-ups will be open Sept. 9, but classes are available for preview now.


    1. FogKnits

      I’m an old pro when it comes to WestKnits…this at least started off as a WestKnit pattern :) I’ve taken several classes with him at A Verb for Keeping Warm as well. I’ll probably skip the Stitches class but I’ll certainly visit him in his booth! I’m a big fan!


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