Lost at Yarn Chicken, Again!

For the second time this project, I have knit as fast as I possibly can and my yarn did not get any longer.  WTH?  I thought that worked!?!  The good news is, I don’t think it matters.  I lost at yarn chicken.  Big whoop.  I’m used to it by now!  IMG_4169

Not only was I about six rows short, I stopped mid row.  And you can’t really tell!  I’m very pleased with myself for just moving on!  I’ve been on the brink of becoming a perfectionist.  Glad to see I haven’t gone over that edge, yet!


The thing is…this is becoming a habit.  I’m only 2 ridges into my next wedge and I’m worried that it’s now time to run out of green.  This shawl is rapidly approaching shlanket stage (half shawl, half blanket!) so… Yarn Chicken:  Round 3!


I think I’ve learned my lesson!  I’m prepared this time!  I’ve still got lots of yellow and a tiny bit of dark grey!  and they have a great contrast gradient in a black & white photo.


I’m not even gonna worry, I’m going straight for the stripes this time!  I’ll save the worry for the yellow i-cord bind off I’ve got planned!  Despite the fact that it hasn’t worked yet, I plan to knit as fast as possible!  And I’ve got two whole days off this weekend!  That’s soooo much knitting time!  I can’t wait!


  1. Pinko Knitter

    I played that game an lost when knitting a shetland shaw from the outside in. Fortunately, through the magic that is Ravelry, I was able to work a trade with another knitter and get enough yarn in the same dye lot to finish the shawl. Your shawl is going to be gorgeous, and you can brag about your skill at designing on the fly.


    1. FogKnits

      The first time I ran out, I found my yarn stashed for sale or trade on Ravelry, in the right dye lot even! I never got a response to my messages though. I didn’t even bother this second time. :) Hopefully I’m heading it all off at the pass this third time!

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