WIP Wednesday: Exploration Continuation

I’m starting to figure out the work rhythm.  It’s looked good on paper from the beginning but the first couple weeks were a bumpy adjustment.  I’m into week 4 already.  It’s been like the blink of an eye.  Shawl progress, on the other hand, is approaching another slowdown, perhaps even a screeching halt.


It was just four weeks yesterday since I picked up this green Western Sky Knits dk.  I ran out of the dark grey.  It’s a discontinued yarn, naturally!  No more to be found.  So stripes it was!  Last week I finished my striped section.  I reserved judgement on it until I was well into the next light stripe.


I have officially decided it’s acceptable.  I may even like it, in the future.  Phew!  Just in time for the next phase of worry.  I’m back to playing yarn chicken, and I think loosing again.  I was hoping the extra ball of light grey would be enough to get me through the next section.


I’m still hoping.  Apparently, I’m stupidly optimistic when it comes to knitting.  I don’t think there’s any way I have enough yarn left for 13 more short rows (meaning it’s really 26 rows.)  Each pair of rows gets 10 stitches shorter as I go, I think this is where the optimism comes in.  They’re getting shorter…it’s only 140 stitches right now, that’s not even very many, right?  RIGHT?

Ha!  So what color stripes do I add this time?  At least I can have a plan when my hands catch up to the inevitable shortage my brain is certain about.


      1. Orange Smoothie

        Something that can hold its own next to the green (and yellow for that matter). A bright, clear orange, not dark or reddish. Yeah, you know what I mean. :)

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      2. FogKnits

        Yup, Orange. Not Tangerine, Not Ginger, Not Apricot, Not Carrot. It’s need the acid of citrus…I dunno if anyone makes that color. LOL! I’m trying to think of all the oranges I’ve at yarn shops, lots of autumny oranges and pastel oranges. hhhmmmm. I really don’t want purple now, either! ha!

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