WIP Wednesday: Exploration Continuation

The last time I shared this project it was Stitch n Pitch and I managed to run out of yarn before the game even started!  D’oh!  I tried to get more locally, no luck.  It’s Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, which turns out to be a discontinued yarn.  I was able to find a couple stashes for sale on Ravelry that even matched the correct dye lot!  WHOOOO!  The excitement was short lived.  Unfortunately, those Ravelers never returned my messages.  That left me two choices…frog the whole thing or add more colors.  Being a Stephen West based project, add more colors was really the only choice!


During last week’s field trip to Monarch Knitting, I found one lone skein of Western Sky Knits Sequoia DK in color Spring Greens.  I didn’t have my WIP to do a side by side color comparison but I liked the color enough to wing it.  So far, I’m pleased with it!


I wanted to use up as much of the dark grey as possible so I’m striping the current wedge.  The next wedge will be all light grey and the wedge after that will be all green.  I think I’ll be ready to end it about then, I’m thinking some kind of yellow & green stripes for a border.  It’s going to depend on how much yarn I’ve got left at that point.


And of course, it depends on how I like it as it progresses.  I’m undecided.  Part of what makes WestKnits’ designs work for me is the kitchen sink approach.  Throw it all in and it works.  I’ve barely made it into the kitchen.  I’ve throw in that cabinet from the corner, haven’t made it around to the sink just yet.  Maybe I need more colors??!?!


    1. FogKnits

      This is what I wonder about. More colors as I progress may not look right. It might turn out to be obvious I ran out of yarn and just started adding things willy nilly. I really don’t want to frog though. I guess that means I’m willing to risk it and potentially hate it at the end and frog it anyhow. :/

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      1. FogKnits

        I really like the grey & yellow too…it’s not my usual color palette. I was enjoying being outside the norm. It is what it is…I certainly know to buy enough from the get go. If only I bought project specifically instead of just impulse shopped. D’oh! That’ll teach me…


    1. FogKnits

      I actually surprised myself with how little I spent! Not because I didn’t find things to buy but because Quince & Co is so affordable! I love that skeins of gorgeous american grown fiber are ~$10/skein!

      I’ll definitely be making return trips to Monarch anytime I’m in the area! The shop was lovely and the staff was super!

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