Happy at Home

Phew!  Training is finally over at work and today, I’m working from home!  I refuse to get dressed!  ha! I’ve never worked from home before, so I’m looking forward to figuring out what the new normal is!  I love routine and habit.  I feel more settled just thinking about it!  The first habit I’m going to integrate into the day:  commuting = knitting.  I pulled out a WIP promptly at 8:30!  That was the easy part!  Putting it down each day is going to be the challenge!

Today’s commute was chartreuse cashmere!  


I’m closing in on the teal quickly.  It was hard to put down before then!  Hopefully there’s ‘traffic’ this afternoon, I wouldn’t mind taking a little extra time to commute! I see an FO Friday coming!  That’s one habit I’ll be happy to have return!



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