A Weekend of Shawls

I didn’t have much knitting time last week, thanks to the new job!  Full training days, complete with a commute should be replaced later this week with part-time work from home.  I’m really looking forward to that!  I dutifully carried my knitting to work but never had an opportunity to touch it.   There was definitely no staying up all night to knit either.  The only work habit that came right back was impatiently waiting for the weekend!  Short and sweet as it was, I do feel like I made good progress!

I added a couple new stripes to my Striped Rays.  I love watching this kind of scrappy project make progress.  Each stripe changes it, adding more character and personality.  I still don’t have a clear vision of how this one is going to end up!  (and with all those ends to weave in, I’m not in a hurry to get there!)

IMG_4081 IMG_4084

I made it to the fun part of my Pepperberry Knits cashmere mini skein scarf too!  I started the chartreuse stripe!  Oh yeah!  I’ll be adding the teal in no time…


I’ve done some work on the Rhinebeck Sweater too!  Hopefully I’ll be dividing for the sleeves shortly!  That’ll be the real test…does it actually look like a sweater??  Fingers crossed…I should be starting the work from home bit tomorrow!  I fully plan on working in my pj’s!


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