My Gift from the Magi

I suffer from an embarrassment of riches on a daily basis.  Please don’t take this as a complaint.  I’m really trying to keep the whining to a minimum.  But seriousileeeee…as if yesterday wasn’t enough, today I got a giant box of yarn from my Mom.  and it’s all awesome.  The first day of work was also a success.  I’m theoretically part time but both HR and my new manager mentioned full time in the near future.   I miss my free time already.  I just wanna knit.  Waaaahhhh!  Being unemployed was so fun!  and since I went a little crazy with the casting on over the weekend, I won’t be starting a new project anytime soon.  This is a crisis of O. Henry proportions!

Here’s the new beauties I need to resist…


Four skeins of formerly white Cascade 220.  Mom dyed them varying shades of brown and green with few touches of blue thrown in.  They’ve turned in to Ewoks in my mind.  Maybe that means I should be looking for cowl and hood patterns?!

and my new favorite…Unicorn Farts!


If you haven’t seen this before, check out the tutorial from Tom Boy Knits!  It’s super fun!  I sent Mom the link and within 24 hours she was doing it!  I had to wind it right away.  I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, so maybe that’ll slow me down!


This is one huge sport weight skein, 770 yards.  I’m thinking something from the Martina Behm catalog to avoid unsightly pooling but I don’t want it to be garter stitch.  I liked doing a seed stitch version of the Hitchhiker.  Maybe I need to swatch a little.  That doesn’t really count as an official project, right?


  1. bonnyknits

    Oh, you poor poor thing! ;) Seriously, I feel your pain. I don’t know what I’d do without so much knitting time! Your yarn is all gorgeous, I don’t know how you’ll resist starting more. And a seed stitch version of the Hitchhiker?? So intrigued!


  2. Missy's Crafty Mess

    Oh my goodness. I would love it if my Mom dyed yarn for me. Ironically I casted on a hitchhiker shawl with my unicorn farts yarn last night. I only have 4 teeth done on it so far but I love how it’s working up. And I also agree with your knitting free time delema. I am counting down the days until school starts. Driving everyone everywhere all summer is cutting into my creative time.

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