Celebratory Stash Enhancement

I spent the last day of Funemployment treating myself to some new yarn.  I took a day trip down the Monterey peninsula to Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove!  I’ve heard good things and there’s nothing better than a ‘destination’ yarn shop.

As usual, I did not plan ahead.  I impulse bought.  I think I did pretty good at it though.


Quince & Co was one of the big draws to Monarch for me!  I’ve seen all the lovely patterns but never worked with the yarns.  The first four skeins are Tern, 75/25 American Wool/Silk, Fingering Weight, 2 Beach Glass and 2 Wheeler Bay.   I think they’ll become Asunder from North Bound Knitting.

The last 5 skeins are Chickadee, 100% American Wool (I love that!), Fingering Weight, 2 Peacock, 1 Audouin, 1 Caspian, 1 Nasturtium.  No idea what they’ll become but I love the colors!  The whole lot could become something really fun, I definitely have a theme there with my colors.

There’s one other skein that came home with me, it may (fingers crossed) be the solution to my ooops-i-didn’t-buy-enough-yarn problem.  It didn’t make it into the picture though.  I hope you like suspense because I’m not showing it to you!  (yet)

I took two other pictures, this one of a cute pillow they had.  If it had been a kit I probably would have come home with it!


and I found a pocket I really liked on a sample!  This could become the model for my Rhinebeck pockets!


Here it is!  I found it on Ravelry, and turns out the model is one of the helpful gals who works at Monarch!


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