Rhinebeck Sweater: Cable Needle-less Cables

Only 73 knitting days left until Rhinebeck!  Progress has been made!


That’s about 6″ along the raglan line.  I’m aiming for 9-9.5″ before the sleeve divide…so just keep on trucking!

I did learn a new trick to make things more interesting though…how to cable without a cable needle!  A friend gave me a little demo at Stitch n Pitch.  I filed it away for the future, not really expecting to need it so soon!  Two days later, I left the house without a cable needle…time to put that demo to work!


I’ll be honest.  I don’t like it.  I’m trying to stick with it, like everything, there’s a learning curve.  I don’t see this becoming a habit for me though.  I’d rather cable with a found instrument…I’ve used forks, pen caps, coffee stirrers.  There’s really no shortage of little gadgets that can be used.  I don’t find the needle to be much of a hinderance, and the needle-less method is just as fiddly.  I like having another skill in my tool box though…it’s proved itself to be useful already, even if it’s not my every day cable go-to.

Today is my last day of funemployment.  It’s been 23 months since I was laid off.  I’m not ready to give up my endless hours of knitting time but I’ll be pretty excited when those paychecks start rolling in!  I’m not sure how it’s going to impact the blog.  There will definitely still be knitting every day…but maybe not blogging!  I’m taking a wait and see approach!  I have a feeling I’ll be back sooner than I think!  (My last hurrah today is a day trip to Monterey and Monarch Yarns, they’re a Quince & Co flagship store!!  They also carry Western Sky Knits.  I expect there will be a little more celebratory stash enhancement happening!)


  1. iknead2knit

    I’ve tried the no cable needle cable technique several times and don’t like it. It’s faster for me to use a cn. I’ve used toothpicks, a small icepick (very carefully) and once, a bobby pin. We knitters are nothing if not resourceful! Lovely sweater, btw.

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