FO Friday – Daybreak

Yesterday was a big day here at FogKnits Headquarters.  I got a job!?!  Well, really it sort of fell into my lap and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I start Wednesday.  That’s so soon!  I’ve only got four more nights to stay up late knitting.  Ack!  I took full advantage last night and finished my Daybreak!


The applied lace bind off took two weeks!  That’s a new record for my slowest bind off!  I love the effect though!  It was the perfect treatment for this self striping yarn!  I thought the prescribed garter ridge bind off would look a bit too variegated because the rows had gotten so long.  By turning the border sideways I was able to keep the stripes in the yarn looking like stripes instead of distracting blobs!  I can’t wait for it to dry!!    IMG_3995

Otherwise, I followed the pattern as written and I’m very pleased with the results.  The striping yarn is a sock blank my Mom dyed.  My goal was to highlight her awesome colors.  Done and done!  It couldn’t have gone better!

Click Here for Full Details on my Ravelry Page! 



    1. FogKnits

      I’m normally drawn to cool shades–blues and greens–and my mom sent me two sock blanks, one warm colors, one cool colors…for some reason, I went opposite my norm! I couldn’t resist these brown, gold, orange and red tones! I’m just about to take it off the blocking board…very exciting!

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