St. Anthony’s Scarf Drive

Yesterday, I managed to get back in groove!  Getting out the house and away from the distractions of familiarity to knit can be so helpful!  I took my Daybreak and it’s applied lace bind off for a little field trip and it was super successful!  Not only was I able to work through many pattern repeats, I was able to do it without the pattern!  100 Repeats is all it took to commit it to memory!  LOL!  Now, I’m motivated enough to think I can get it done for FO Friday tomorrow!  ha!  Motivated or delusional?  We’ll see tomorrow!

In the meantime, here’s a little project I finished up this week.


A couple weeks back a friend emailed me.  She had learned to crochet and started a scarf.  Unfortunately, life got in the way.  It was now unfinished in a bag in the back of the closet and the guilt was weighing on her.  Maybe I could do something with it?

I said yes, with no idea what I was getting myself into.  Imagine my surprise to find a recognizable scarf that only needed another row and a half!  I managed to finish it in 30 minutes!  Our gauges don’t really match, our hook sizes definitely didn’t match, I used a different stitch.  Ultimately though, the fuzziness of the yarn hides all that.


It’s a masculine color and it’s a machine washable acrylic blend making it perfect for St. Anthony’s annual scarf drive.  St. Anthony’s dining room serves ~3000 meals a day to those in need.  Each fall, they reach out to crafters for hat and scarf donations.  At the holiday meal in December, they serve warm hats & scarves, as well as warm meals!  You can find more details on the program here.   They haven’t posted this years information but the only thing that changes each year is the date.  They need donations by mid-December.  3000 Handmade scarves is a lot of work.  I’m definitely going to make a few more before I send this one off!

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