Stitch n Pitch!


Last night was the annual Stitch n Pitch game for the SF Giants!  It was simultaneously perfect (the Giants won!  First time in a couple years!) and absolutely dreadful (I ran out of yarn before the game even started?!?!?)!

It was a gorgeous evening!  and we’ve got the best ballpark in MLB, so naturally, the only thing I can complain about is my lack of yarn.


Before I even got to the game…D’oh!  Unfortunately, this isn’t a case of leaving the other ball at home.  I am out OUT!  I will attempt to find more and get a dye lot match.  I’m not optimistic though.  and things were going so well…


Turns out my good buddy garter stitch really sucks up the yarn!  It’ll be a shame to frog this but if I don’t get a match, that’s the unavoidable reality.   In the meantime, I’ll console myself by stuffing my new Stitch n Pitch project bag with fun bits of yarn!


I said I only had one complaint so I’ll just keep my feelings about this cheap plastic made in china off gassing piece of junk to myself.  It’s not like the Giants can afford better, after all. </sarcasm>



    1. FogKnits

      The surprises me! The Royals park has all sorts of bells and whistles (there’s a swimming pool in the outfield, yes?)…I would expect a Stitch n Pitch. I wonder if needs someone to run it…I know our SnP, was run by volunteers in the beginning, it wasn’t until maybe 5 years in the Giants organization started doing it.

      In any case, Seattle is the city we really need to be jealous of! They have a mini-market place at their SnP with all sorts of fun local yarn shops and yarn related vendors! They have some items for sale, they give about patterns and my favorite part…temporary Stitch n Pitch Tattoos!!! LOL!


      1. bonnyknits

        Yes, we have a fantastic park, and they do plan a Girls’ Night Out, but I might need to talk to some of the local LYS about getting a SnP going! But you’re right, now I’m totally jealous of Seattle. To get to shop for yarn AND knit AND watch baseball? That would be awesome!


  1. Jennifer Fleck

    Wow! I’ve never heard of such a thing. That sounds awesome (except for the running out of yarn part, of course). I am jealous too. Of course the closest major league park to me would be Fenway and I can’t afford tickets there.
    This would be a great idea for our local minor league park though!!

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    1. FogKnits

      There was a minor league Stitch n Pitch here for one year, organized by a local shop. I didn’t get to go but heard from everyone how great it was…because of the affordability factor and the intimate crowd factor! I’ll bet you could organize an event and the local minor league would love it! Anything to get more people interested :)

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    1. FogKnits

      It really is a fun event…it was great fun using my binoculars to scan the crowd for knits being worn and knits being knit! It’s a rare day seeing so many knots on display…fortunately we have cool summer nights so there was lots to see!

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