I’m not even close to finishing my applied lace bind off, barely a third is finished.  No FO today!  Instead, I give you all of the UFOs!  All 10 of them!  The pile is actually less impressive than I expected!  I don’t know what I thought was going to happen when it all got lumped into a big pile!  LOL!


From left to right there’s…

Daybreak, a planned pooling scarf, the beginning of my Rhinebeck Sweater, my soon to be modified Exploration Station, my Striped Dotted Rays, a Dude hat, an R2-D2 hat, a cassette tape hat, a nearly finished Colonnade and last but not least, a stripey neon yarn bomb! 

I’d better get cracking!  I fully intend to finish every single one of these projects in the near future!


    1. FogKnits

      FO Friday is fun but sometimes it’s UFO Friday…that’s just reality :) I think 10 works in progress is completely acceptable! You need at least 5…there’s so many different moods. You can’t be expected to knit lace on public transit!

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      1. Maggienesium

        That’s hella real! Lace, which until recently, I didn’t know I was knitting (Sweet Nov. Shawl), really doesn’t like public transit. Not at all. Hmmm… I think I only have three UFO’s. Time to start one more thing ;)

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      2. Maggienesium

        Cool! It’s taking me a while to get it done, but I’m still excited. I think it’s as lacy as I get also but as a newish knitter, it’s a must. I credit it with teaching me to knit and that partially makes me feel better that it took me so long to catch on that it didn’t belong on the bus.


    1. FogKnits

      I guess it’s just practice! I have a few habits that help like always stopping after a full repeat. Of course, when I do forget where I am, a project falls to the bottom of the queue…so good thing I have something else to work on :)


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