Back in the Comfort Zone

As lovely as yesterday’s lace is and as exciting as binding off is, I’m pretty stoked about being back in my comfort zone today…aka short row garter stitch!  I’m not even that upset about the yellow?!?


So far, this is Exploration Station.  I’m nearing the point of divergence though.  This shawl was originally a MKAL, this portion is Clue 1, six garter wedges.  The other clues continued with a variety of stitches and textures.

My Exploration Station knit as the clues were released
My Exploration Station knit as the clues were released. The next sections are brioche stitch, slipped stitches, garter stitch and a chevron lace stitch for the border.

It was a lot of fun to knit as a mystery!  Especially because so many of my local friends were knitting it at the same time!   That is, of course, until we got to clue 2–Brioche Stitch.  The collective groan was not unjustified.  Brioche can be uncooperative.  One friend even started referring to it as the Stephen King KAL instead of the Stephen West KAL.  I’m still laughing at that!

That was the genesis of this shawl…can’t we just do the fun clue on repeat and avoid the brioche nightmare??  Well, yes!  Yes, we can!  I’ll be finished with the official clue 1 today.  Then it’ll be time to put my money where my mouth is…wedges 7, 8 and 9 just follow the pattern we’ve already established.  Should be a no-brainer!  Fingers crossed!

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