I’m Knitting Lace?!?!

I finished the striping section of my Daybreak!  It was smooth sailing into the border and bind off until…(it’s always something, eh?)


Until, I decided that my self-striping yarn was not appropriate for the garter ridge edge.  The long rows (~600 sts) mean my colors appear more variegated than striped.  It could be distracting and messy and I didn’t knit all this way with yarn my Mom dyed for me to have a distracting mess on my hands!  No big deal though, I’ll just change the border.  I didn’t want to knit 15 more rows of 600 stitches anyhow.  I was ready to be done!  I-cord bind off was the answer!  It would match the body and have a nice slow color change along the edge.  Perfect!  Off I went…(until)…


Until, the i-cord bind off started to curl.  No bueno.  I have a shawl that I love, except for it’s curly i-cord edge that doesn’t lay flat and won’t block out because it’s superwash.  The exact situation I have here.  Two superwash yarns.  Drat!  Now what??  A sideways border bind off??  But that would be many, many rows of work and all that turning can be fiddly.  Meh.  Garter Stitch seemed too plain and I don’t knit lace, don’t even suggest it.  Officially out of options.  Double Drat!  I guess I could work the original border in my solid color, I think I could get another skein.  I didn’t really like that option either.   And then this happened…


It must’ve been an out of body experience because I don’t knit lace??  How did that even happen?  In a last ditch effort to get out of doing an applied lace border, I test blocked a little bit, convinced that it would probably be horrible and I’d have to find yet another solution to this problem…Until…


…Until it came off the blocking board looking awesome!!  So apparently, I do knit lace and will be knitting lace for the foreseeable future.  It’s only 1000 rows to get this sucker bound off.  I can’t say no to beauty like this but I can complain about it!  The whole time! Seriousleeee?  Who am I?  I wanted to knit socks on Friday, today I’m knitting lace?!??  Tomorrow I’ll probably decide to knit a brioche dress at the rate I’m going…


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