Another Pair

My favorite ‘guy on top of a building’ William Penn wrote “Patience and diligence, like faith, move mountains.”  With that in mind, I  cast on two more projects yesterday!  My queue is now full at 10!  Now it’s time to patiently and diligently knit away.  I have faith at the end of it, I will have a mountain of knitting!


It’s more of a mole hill right now, but have faith…I can knit it into a mountain!  Patience and diligence are the cornerstones of knitting!  This should be easy!

Both of these hats are repeats, they’re filler knitting, really.  Another Tapehead hat, knit from an old cassette tape.  Not just any old tape though, this one is special!  A Grateful Dead bootleg I picked it because it says Set III!!  That’s unheard of…who plays 3 set shows anymore??  Fillmore East, 1971, always worth a listen...This show eventually became the commercial release ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ Gonna be a fun show to wear.


The theme today is, apparently, pop culture because my second hat is another Dude hat.  The first one was a hit (it really tied the outfit together), so time for another one!  I’m just tweaking a few things and working on the pattern write up!  Look for the pattern release soon!



    1. Talya

      Yeah. I’m now wondering how much yardage is in an 8-hour VHS cassette… (I assume because that tape is wider than audio cassettes, that you would just use bigger needles.)


      1. FogKnits

        A 90-minute cassette tape has ~140 yds. I haven’t tried VCR yet. :) I’ve seen it done though…StevenBe! Although now that I think about it, that particular garment may actually be 35 mm film!?!?


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