Garter Madness

I love garter stitch!  I love short rows!  I love shawls!  I love casting on!  So imagine my excitement starting not one but TWO new short-row, garter-stitch, WestKnits’ shawls this weekend!  It was knitterly paradise of the highest degree here at FogKnits headquarters.


They’re very similar, my inner process knitter is apparently my outer process knitter these days!  First up…a second Dotted Rays!  It’s unusual for me to cast on a second so soon after the first, but stripes are so hard to resist and I love all the scraps I found in my stash.


The classic ‘stripes make you go faster’ thing is happening here! Can’t wait to see how the next stripe changes it.  It’s all solids after this so I’m hoping it’ll become a bit more harmonious!  Frankly, I think I should be given a prize for stashbusting, regardless of the outcome! Maybe a new skein of yarn (or 8!) I’m closing in on Rhinebeck Sweater decisions!  More on that at the end of the week!

My second weekend cast on is starting off like Exploration Station, last fall’s WestKnits’ MKAL.  I’m going to work clue one and then skip the other three clues in lieu of a clue one expansion!


So far, so good!  The yellow is a bit outside my normal palette but I’m going with it!  It’s Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK in Bike Bell, straight from Stephen & Penelope in Amsterdam!  It’s a vacation souvenir from a friend!  I’m playing it pretty safe pairing with grey, but grellow is a thing for a reason so I’m loving it!  Stepping outside one’s comfort zone is an important exercise, after all!

Rocky, expressing his disdain for the end weaving situation.

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