Gone Jellyfishin’

Shaking things up this week with an FO Monday!  Sometimes you feel like a nut!  That’s the only explanation for this hat!


It’s a jellyfish inspired tentacle hat!  This yarn is more of Mom’s hand dyed yarn.  I tried to make it a shawl  but clearly, it wanted to be something else.  I saw a picture of similar hat and thought, I can do that!  I really like the texture from this goofy puff stitch…


It’s a K5B, knit 5 below, you knit the stitch in the fifth row below the needle after dropping the stitches above.  It’s an awkward manipulation to trap the dropped stitches as you knit that lucky 5th stitch but the result is fun!


Trying to photograph it is also an awkward manipulation.  It’s super fun to wear though!  I really don’t want to take it off!  I *almost* want to visit a snowy place and go sledding so I can have tentacles and pom poms trailing behind me!  Okay, not even close to almost, but it’s fun to think about!


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