FO Friday — Dotted Rays


I am very pleased to report I won the game of Knitter’s Chicken!  My Dotted Rays is finished and I even have a little bit of yarn left to add to the scrap bag for my second Dotted Rays!  Let’s not get too distracted though…first the FO!


The Pattern:  Dotted Rays by Stephen West

My Ravelry Page

The Yarn:  Kona Sport from Dharma Trading, Hand Dyed by my Mom!!


Notes & Modifications:   I’m a sucker for anything by Stephen West so it’s no surprise that I loved this pattern and I can’t wait to make another one!  There’s a long list of things I loved about this one, easy going garter stitch, fun short row shaping, turn-only wrap and turns, i-cord edging worked as you go that seamlessly transitions into the i-cord bind-off! I’m also quite pleased with my execution of the bind off grafting I did…


I’m hard pressed to find the graft standing still, let alone from the back of a galloping horse!  It’s a tiny detail that I just love…such an elegant finish!


The only modifications I made were inadvertent!  The pattern is forgiving though, so you can’t tell!  If I was going to complain or rather, change something for the future, I’ll go up a needle size.  This shawl is by no means dense, but I think I’d like an even looser fabric!  Garter stitch is just so squishy, it can take it!


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