Knitter’s Chicken!

The race is on!    The race to the end of the ball!


Dotted Rays is dangerously nearing completion.  I have 38 g of yarn left, ~130 yds.  The pattern calls for 3.5 more ‘wedges’.  That’s clearly not happening. This is the thing I love about shawls…it doesn’t matter.  I’ll just stop whenever I dang well please!

So, the plan (ha!) is to finish this wedge and then start the bind off, the 420 stitch i-cord bind off.  It looks like enough.  It looks like it’s going to be just exactly perfect!


Looks can be deceiving though.  Every stitch takes a new layer off the ball…layers are going fast!  The ball is melting before my eyes after weeks of stubbornly refusing to shrink even a hair!  But I’m not worried…YET!  Tomorrow is a different story…only way to know for sure is knit! faster!


  1. FogKnits

    I was feeling good but the panic button has officially been pressed! I think I’m gonna run out. and being Mom’s hand dyed yarn, I’m not likely to get more. Drat!


    1. FogKnits

      I’ve been contemplating those sorts of possibilities…hopefully I won’t need to resort to that. I am at the nervous stage though, the more I knit the less confident I am I’ll make it!


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