FO Friday – Sabine the Cashmere Cardigan

Sabine is done!!  Yay!  Just in time for fog season, I’ve got a cashmere cloud of my own!  The second sleeve flew by.  I used a 12″ circular I picked up, just for fun, many years ago.  It went a lot faster than the magic loop I did on the first sleeve, probably because I couldn’t try it on after every row!


After a few quick photos…

 IMG_3660 IMG_3664 IMG_3676IMG_3657

…it was into the blocking bath…


I may have to give her a spritz.  I was actually able to squeeze most of the water out so she was nearly dry by the time I got her on the mat.  I spy a few wrinkles…can’t be having that!


Yay Sabine!  I love her!  She’s so soft and amazing.  I want to knit cashmere underwear now.  I’m trying to distract myself from that notion with the far more practical Rhinebeck Sweater!


Hopefully it’ll turn out better than my drawing!

Here’s the details!

My Ravelry Page

Pattern:  Sabine by Julie Weisenberger

Yarn:  Superior Cashmere by Filatura di Crosa

Notes & Modifications:  Loved the pattern, it’s hard to go wrong with a top-down, raglan using YO increases.  The fine gauge of the yarn was the biggest challenge.  I used my pointy needles which helped a lot!  My process knitter didn’t necessarily love it but my product knitter is pretty stoked with the end result!

The real star of the show here is the yarn.  It’s called Superior for a reason!  It’s amazing!  It’s the softest, most barely there yarn ever!  It’s like cotton candy…touch it and it melts!  With that in mind, the modifications I made eliminated the bells and whistles the pattern called for, bell sleeves and columns of YO eyelet detailing on the back and sleeves.   Just beautiful uninterrupted stretches of stockinette for my Sabine.  I’m pondering yarn choices for another one already!


    1. FogKnits

      It just keeps getting better! By making the sleeves half length (shorter than called for) I’ve created a lovely situation for the inside of my elbow as rubs against my body! It just keeps getting softer!


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