There may never be another FO Friday from me ever again.  I’m thinking of becoming one of those people who only cast on.  Despite having a very strict rule about only having 10 projects on the needles at once, I cast on #11 last night.  oops.


It’s for my Etsy shop, so that’s all the rationalization I need!  “Work” knitting should definitely not count.  Just like yarn that never actually gets stashed doesn’t count.  Cast on right away and it’s okay!  This is just a little hat, it’s half done already so even if it did count, it would only count little.  Like none at all.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

More Crochet Fun!


Made lots of crochet progress since last week, when I started this shawl  on a whim!  I found myself putting down the knitting and picking up the crochet instead!  It goes so fast, it’s hard to ignore that fact!  I was cruising along, when I decided I don’t want a straight triangle shawl.


I thought about what I would do if I was knitting–I’d add a corner.  I took a guess at how to do it–add a new 3 dc-2ch-3 dc cluster at each edge and carry on as if they’d always been there.  And it worked!


I’m sure this is a basic granny square manipulation but I’m tickled pink that I figured it out!  I’m really having fun crocheting!  I think some of those forgotten crochet patterns in my queue are going to get bumped up!


Just a couple more rows and then something to dress up the edge, maybe a picot or a scallop row.  Anybody have a favorite crochet shawl edge I should look at?

Just Keep Knitting

Sabine is looking like a real sweater these days!  If I got sidetracked by something truly marvelous and never finished Sabine (knock on wood!), it would still be a sweater!  It would be a cap sleeve, cropped sweater but a sweater nonetheless!  It’s an exciting milestone!


Of course, this means I’m at an impossible to photography point in the work.  It’s a good chance to look at a pre-blocking photo though.  I love blocking…it’s gonna clear up all that wiggliness!

I’ve made it to the decrease point, the rows are now getting shorter!  Yay for less purling!  Fingers crossed that my focus sticks!  I’m hoping to get this finished before I get waylaid any further by last week’s new box of yarn.  I just keep telling myself the rows are shrinking and the sleeves are in the round!  No purls at all!!  I got that! 

24 Hours Without a Fresh Cast On?!?

For the first time all week, I’ve got an update on something old!  Despite all the new excitement this week, I did make quite a bit of progress on my Daybreak!


I’m experiencing the ‘stripes make me knit faster’ phenomenon.  It’s not uncommon but it’s still unusual.  There’s no logical reason for it but I’m sure most of you have experienced it as well.  I know what color is coming off the ball next but the excitement of seeing it develop right before my eyes propels me along!  It’s amazing how quickly I doubled the number of stripes here!

IMG_3074Despite all of the shiny new excitement this week, I’m still absolutely loving these stripes! Mom’s job (she’s a professional cake decorator!) has clearly gotten word of her prowess as a yarn dyer…I just heard she was named Employee of the Month!  It’s about time but this does not mean my quest to turn her into a professional yarn dyer is over!  I’ve booked my plane ticket east for Rhinebeck in the fall!  It’s hard to say which of us is more excited!  Good thing knitting makes me a patient waiter!  October is far off, but there is much to knit before then!

Because YARN!

Last week’s exciting new project  was forgotten for yesterday’s exciting new project.  Yesterday’s exciting new project is also now a thing of the past!  Allow me to introduce today’s EXCITING NEW PROJECT: (I am really that excited!)

IMG_3059Mom’s latest box of hand dyed yarn arrived yesterday afternoon!!  She’s completely outdone herself this time!  Here’s the first two skeins…(there’s two more that I’m saving for later!)

IMG_3048The photos don’t begin to capture the amazing colors she used!  In the last box, I gravitated to the warm colors, not my typical color palate!  This time, it was definitely the cool colors that grabbed me!  To say Mom knows her audience is an understatement!  I love this yarn!


IMG_3052I knew instantly, I would be winding this hank immediately and staying up all night knitting it!  and I was not disappointed!  I’m loving it even more in the light of day!

The pattern is Stephen West’s Dotted Rays.  I loved this pattern from the moment it was released.  At this point, I’ve actually bought 3 copies of the pattern, the single copy when it was first released and it’s been in two of the compilations I’ve bought as well! I talked about casting it on all the time but I just never got around to it.  Clearly I was waiting for this yarn!  Yes, it is my third WestKnit on the needles.  Yes, it is my third skein of Mom’s hand dye on the needles.  Add in that I own 3 copies of the pattern and someone mentioned doing a 3-3-3 closet cleaning project, it all made sense.  The universe wanted me to stay up all night an knit!


The only thing that could make my day better is a nap, preferably at 3 pm!

WIP Wednesday – Crochet Day!

I’ve been good about keeping my queue in check lately!  Continuing on in that tradition, I’ve decided to frog the market bag.   It’s hard to move forward with a project when I’m not enjoying the process.  I haven’t touched this project since February and I really want this yarn to be something special!  So it’s gone!


As practical as a market bag would be, I want to wear this yarn!  It’s Mom’s hand dye and she got my colors perfectly!  So attempt #2 is going to be a shawl!  And because I’m just in that kind of mood…it’s going to be crochet!


A quick Ravelry search, produced a half granny square, triangle shawl…perfect!


The pattern is the 8-Hour Shawl.  I’m skeptical  but it’s moving quickly so far and I’m loving it!  Definitely happy with my decision!  Another box of yarn from Mom is scheduled to arrive today!  I’ve gotta get cracking!

Me Made May Round Up

This was my first Me Made May, I started with high hopes but in the end, I agree with the ‘knitters need their own month’ sentiment out there.  For me, daily wearing of hand knits isn’t a problem.  Luckily my beloved San Francisco Fog has rolled in heavy this month!  Summer gives us plenty of opportunity to wear wool and I certainly did that this month.  I never leave the house without a knit layer.

The real challenge I set for myself is to destash anything not worn in May.  A couple pieces are going to live with Mom, so I’m calling this at least a partial success!  This sweater I never wear:


Through no fault of it’s own.  I just don’t wear it.  It’s an open cardigan, lacking buttons/zipper/toggles/whatever so maybe that’s it.  It was a breeze to knit, I enjoyed making it.  Someone should enjoy wearing it.

Then there’s this:


What was I even thinking?  This is nearly a decade old.  It’s lived under the bed for most of that decade.  It’s not for me.  I’m chalking it up to poor decision making skills.  I’ve gotten much better at picking projects to suit my personal style.  It’s the perfect of example of ‘if I had tried it on in a store, I never would have bought it.’  Live and learn!  Mom will give it a good home.

And then there’s the 3rd part of my personal Me Made May challenge…swatch and design one of the sweaters I’ve had on the brain for years.  I’ve got yarn stashed.  It’s just a matter of making it happen.  Turns out I did zero on this front!  I didn’t even think about pulling the yarn from the stash even once.  A realistic look at my queue tells me I won’t be knitting myself a sweater for a few months.  Meh.

Maybe by the fall, knitters will have their own month.   If I lived on the east coast, it would be a perfect Rhinebeck sweater.  Maybe that should be the goal.  I’m trying to figure out how to tell Mom I don’t want to come home at Christmas this year.  It’ll cost a fortune.  (Hi MOM!)  Maybe a fall visit, to coincide with Rhinebeck is the answer!  That would certainly soften the blow.  I’ll save money, visit the east coast around my birthday and favorite season (aside from fog season!), trek to a knitter’s paradise of epic proportions…A new sweater for the occasion would be the icing on the cake!


Or maybe it’s just lip service…hard to tell at this point!