Terra by The Fibre Company


So far so good, I’ve stuck to my all hat knitting plan for 24 hours!  The process knitter in me is pretty happy…stockinette in the round!  The heavens open up and sing to me when I hear that phrase!  The product knitter in me is pretty happy too…I’m using a new (to me) yarn…Terra from The Fibre Company.  I’ve not used this yarn yet because it sits on the shelf next to Road to China.  Everything pales in comparison when Road to China is part of the discussion.  It’s not intentional, it just happens.   Alpaca/Silk/Camel/Cashmere wins every time!  That said, I’m really glad I finally gave Terra a chance… Alpaca/Wool/Silk is pretty awesome too!  The colors are beautiful, and in no way represented by my photos.


My contrast color is called Logwood Purple.  I can’t seem to get the purple to show!  hrumph!  And of course the main color is appropriately named, Beet!  It’s looking a bit cranberry up there.  Oh well!  The good news is…this is not a photography blog!  It’s a hat knitting blog!  At least until next week!  Happy Friday!  I’ll be making hats if you need me…

Dotted (then Striped) Rays

Some days I wish I could be one of those monogamous knitters.  If I had laser focus on one project at a time this one would already be finished!  I would be wearing it right now and loving it!


This is my Dotted Rays, pattern by Stephen West, yarn by Mom.  I love everything about it!  I especially love short row garter stitch with no wraps?!?  It’s brilliant…I’m planning my next one already!  I did a little stash dive and came up with these treasures…

IMG_3335I’ve got all sorts of little remnants perfect for a stripey Dotted Rays! Yesterday, I talked myself into a second Sabine because duh, obviously I shouldn’t have picked the green or the blue, the decision should have been the green AND the blue!  I also picked up a custom order for 4 Grateful Dead hats, so I’ll be putting all that ‘I love hats’ ‘I love instant gratification knitting’ ‘I want to do more hats’ talk to the test…effective immediately, that’s all I get to knit on.  My Cashmere sweater and dreams of Mom’s hand dyed yarn have been shut down! It’s a good thing Rhinebeck is well off, I’ve still got plenty of time to get that done.  (She said confidently, defying all odds and basic common sense.)

IMG_3126Happy Thursday!  Let’s get our knit on!

WIP Wednesday – Still Sabine

Sabine grows a little bit each day, even if it’s only row.  I can’t let a day pass without petting her.  She’s lovely.  She’s soft.  She’s light as a feather.  She melts like cotton candy.  She’s amazing.  I could rave all day!  I really am knitting a cloud!


That’s the entire sweater…250 stitches, that squish down to virtually nothing!  A pair of bulky socks will take up more space than Sabine when she’s finished!  I am loving everything about her, including the color.  I wasn’t confident I’d made a good decision on the color but now that I’ve tried it on, I’m happy with the color!  It’s like painting your house based on one little chip…it’s hard to know from a tiny little sample!


It was definitely a cut off my head morning but I couldn’t be more pleased with Sabine at the moment! About 30 rows from binding off the bottom, then it’s on to the sleeves…stockinette in the round!!  (okay, maybe I’ll be even happier when I get to that point!!)  The end is in sight!

Taking Stock

There’s been fiber flying over here for several days now!  I ignored the 10 project limit for a few days, I knit completely out of order…rules be damned!  These things happen on the weekend.  My days of beer binges have slowly been replaced by knitting binges.  One might think the hangover would have improved, with the exception of the headache though, they’re quite similar.  Waking up disoriented, strange articles of clothing strewn about, memories of where they came from lost to the haze of the wee hours.  Finally, on Tuesday, recovered from the weekend, ready to address the issue and take stock.

This weekend brought me 3 new hats (if you count an orange kitty mohawk, which I definitely do!) and I’m within the 10 project limit!  Phew!  I thought the knitting police might haul me away at any moment.

The other two hats are Grateful Dead 13 point lightening bolts for my Etsy Shop.  Just in time for Fare Thee Well, the band’s anniversary/reunion/retirement tour!


I really love the instant gratification of hats!  I may even love wearing them, after this blue one!  Maybe one of my favorite hats I’ve ever made.  It was a no brainer where everything just fell into place perfectly, the perfect bits and bobs from the stash, just the right colors, perfect colorwork yarn, yummy soft to wear.  Added a touch of elastic for the perfect fit…pretty much threw the kitchen sink at this one and it all worked just exactly how I wanted it too!


and now I’m going to sell it!   I always say things like I can just make another…famous last words indeed!  I should be making myself a cashmere cardigan!  Wish me luck in re-focusing!  (I pulled more scraps from the stash late last night…ooops! Hats are so hard to resist!)

Happy Birthday Rocky!

Yesterday my furry little friend, Rocky, had a birthday!  This is him on a normal day…

11078157_10206812310808956_9063543370105303671_nJust chillin’ in his box.  Yesterday was not just a normal day though.  Rocky turned 15!  That’s an occasion to party!  And by party, I mean knit!  Out came the needles and in less than hour, Rocky got a new party hat…


He was a very willing model.  I think that means he likes it!  What are the chances he was just paralyzed by fear?


And now that it’s not Rocky’s birthday anymore, I’m taking his new hat away (that’s the actual gift! ha!) and sending it to my sister.  It’s the perfect accessory to go with the skull and crossbones t-shirt her cat wears.  The pattern is from the book Cats in Hats.  Yup, an entire book of cat hat patterns!  There’s a pattern preview on the ScooterKnits blog.  I used the base hat and improvised the mohawk fringe with a crochet hook!  It was a fun little project!  I can see myself knitting a few more of these, one for every holiday, maybe turn the photos into a ‘Rocky in Hats’ wall calendar to give as Christmas gifts this year.   Oops, my crazy cat lady almost showed!

Friday FO – By the Skin of My Teeth

It’s been an off beat day but somehow, when I didn’t expect to even have a post, I’ve got a Friday FO!  Not only did I find the time but I also found enough yarn!  There were some tense moments as I sized up the distance I had to go and the amount of yarn I had to get there.


I was advised to ‘go faster’ because despite physics telling us otherwise, this is something we all believe, working faster adds yardage to the ball!  It’s one of those bits of fiber magic that is unexplainable.  It works though, so I don’t question.  I finished and had a few yards to spare!


I’m happy with it overall.  It was quick, just over a week!  Yay Crochet!  I love the colors…cotton hand dyed by Mom!  My first official FO with Mom Dyed Yarn!  My first crocheted shawl, I do not expect it to be my last!  It wears well, the weight of the cotton and the extra set of increases I added to each side give it a lovely drape that sits still on the shoulders!


And if I ever go to the beach, It’ll double nicely as a sarong!  It’s got a certain mermaid tail quality to it…


Find my Ravelry page with complete details here! 

Edge Swatches

This shawl is on track to be my quickest shawl ever!  Crochet is pretty awesome in that regard!  As I’m nearing the end of the ball, I decided to mess around with a couple different edgings.  I haven’t looked at the pattern in a week (the project is only 8 days old!), so why start now?

I thought, hey…no sweat!  I made that edge increase perfectly on my first guess…of course, I’ll be able to whip up the perfect edge with ease!  I tried a couple things, they weren’t even worth a digital picture!  The next attempt was better…


I messed around with the different elements of this stitch, slip stitch vs single crochet, a row of single crochet vs a row of sc-dc-sc for a scallop effect.  Nothing was really perfect so I likely re-invented the wheel when I chose this next one…


It’s a classic scallop edge, and it’s a classic for a reason…it definitely has the most polish to it.  Granny squares are as classic as crochet gets and Granny knows best!  So, once I rip out my little practice swatch, it’s less than 2 rows until I finish…There is light at the end of the tunnel…I could be back within the legal project limit by this afternoon!