Friday Cat Chat

After relieving my own fur boy of his hat, I shipped it off to my sister.  She’s kind of a crazy cat lady.  I say that in the most loving and non-judgmental way because it turns out, we’re all crazy cat ladies.  The sheer volume of people who want to talk about cats in hats is staggering!  Don’t worry, I won’t name names, your secret is safe with me!  But seriously…we’re all crazy ladies, my sister included.  I’ve been collecting her texts for a week now…

This is Lily.  She’s the first and only one who’s mastered the art of the selfie.  It’s grainy and crooked, she looks tough!  she pretty much nailed it!    IMG_3455

Then there’s Bear.  He’s the youngest and the dumbest and the most eager to please.  He had fun playing for a bit!



And then there’s Ginger.  She’s the star of this show!  She likes getting dressed up.





Ginger really likes her new hat.  I’ve heard she’s taken to carrying it around in her mouth when she’s not wearing it and she takes it to bed with her.  So cute!  She’ll definitely be getting more hats!  A viking hat, a pink mohawk and maybe something with eyes and antennae are the top priorities!  Turns out I only need a very teensy bump to bring out my crazy cat lady!

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