Still Hatting

The hat train rolls on!   Much like a train, I’ve stayed on track!  The only knitting done this weekend was hat knitting!  And it shows!


One completely finished!  One slightly damp waiting for it’s lightening bolt.  One on the needles!  If all goes according to plan, the duplicate stitch will be finished this afternoon and the blue hat will be ready for it’s bath!

Instead of developing second/third/fourth hat syndrome like I worried, it’s been a super reminder of why I do indeed love hats…instant gratification galore!  I did change up the ribbing by the time I got to the third hat.  The first two are K2, P2 so I went to K1,P1 for the third and I think the fourth will be K1tbl, P1 just to keep the variation going!  And best of all, I can’t wait to get back to Sabine!  It’s nearly sleeve time, which means very soon…I’ll have a handmade cashmere sweater!  Oh yeah!


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