Dotted (then Striped) Rays

Some days I wish I could be one of those monogamous knitters.  If I had laser focus on one project at a time this one would already be finished!  I would be wearing it right now and loving it!


This is my Dotted Rays, pattern by Stephen West, yarn by Mom.  I love everything about it!  I especially love short row garter stitch with no wraps?!?  It’s brilliant…I’m planning my next one already!  I did a little stash dive and came up with these treasures…

IMG_3335I’ve got all sorts of little remnants perfect for a stripey Dotted Rays! Yesterday, I talked myself into a second Sabine because duh, obviously I shouldn’t have picked the green or the blue, the decision should have been the green AND the blue!  I also picked up a custom order for 4 Grateful Dead hats, so I’ll be putting all that ‘I love hats’ ‘I love instant gratification knitting’ ‘I want to do more hats’ talk to the test…effective immediately, that’s all I get to knit on.  My Cashmere sweater and dreams of Mom’s hand dyed yarn have been shut down! It’s a good thing Rhinebeck is well off, I’ve still got plenty of time to get that done.  (She said confidently, defying all odds and basic common sense.)

IMG_3126Happy Thursday!  Let’s get our knit on!

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