WIP Wednesday – Still Sabine

Sabine grows a little bit each day, even if it’s only row.  I can’t let a day pass without petting her.  She’s lovely.  She’s soft.  She’s light as a feather.  She melts like cotton candy.  She’s amazing.  I could rave all day!  I really am knitting a cloud!


That’s the entire sweater…250 stitches, that squish down to virtually nothing!  A pair of bulky socks will take up more space than Sabine when she’s finished!  I am loving everything about her, including the color.  I wasn’t confident I’d made a good decision on the color but now that I’ve tried it on, I’m happy with the color!  It’s like painting your house based on one little chip…it’s hard to know from a tiny little sample!


It was definitely a cut off my head morning but I couldn’t be more pleased with Sabine at the moment! About 30 rows from binding off the bottom, then it’s on to the sleeves…stockinette in the round!!  (okay, maybe I’ll be even happier when I get to that point!!)  The end is in sight!


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