Happy Birthday Rocky!

Yesterday my furry little friend, Rocky, had a birthday!  This is him on a normal day…

11078157_10206812310808956_9063543370105303671_nJust chillin’ in his box.  Yesterday was not just a normal day though.  Rocky turned 15!  That’s an occasion to party!  And by party, I mean knit!  Out came the needles and in less than hour, Rocky got a new party hat…


He was a very willing model.  I think that means he likes it!  What are the chances he was just paralyzed by fear?


And now that it’s not Rocky’s birthday anymore, I’m taking his new hat away (that’s the actual gift! ha!) and sending it to my sister.  It’s the perfect accessory to go with the skull and crossbones t-shirt her cat wears.  The pattern is from the book Cats in Hats.  Yup, an entire book of cat hat patterns!  There’s a pattern preview on the ScooterKnits blog.  I used the base hat and improvised the mohawk fringe with a crochet hook!  It was a fun little project!  I can see myself knitting a few more of these, one for every holiday, maybe turn the photos into a ‘Rocky in Hats’ wall calendar to give as Christmas gifts this year.   Oops, my crazy cat lady almost showed!


  1. FogKnits

    Someone should! If I was a better photographer I’d give it some serious thought…easter basket hat, bat hat, turkey hat, a big flower hat so kitty’s face is the middle of the flower for spring…there’s enough to fill a 16 month calendar really :)

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