Friday FO – By the Skin of My Teeth

It’s been an off beat day but somehow, when I didn’t expect to even have a post, I’ve got a Friday FO!  Not only did I find the time but I also found enough yarn!  There were some tense moments as I sized up the distance I had to go and the amount of yarn I had to get there.


I was advised to ‘go faster’ because despite physics telling us otherwise, this is something we all believe, working faster adds yardage to the ball!  It’s one of those bits of fiber magic that is unexplainable.  It works though, so I don’t question.  I finished and had a few yards to spare!


I’m happy with it overall.  It was quick, just over a week!  Yay Crochet!  I love the colors…cotton hand dyed by Mom!  My first official FO with Mom Dyed Yarn!  My first crocheted shawl, I do not expect it to be my last!  It wears well, the weight of the cotton and the extra set of increases I added to each side give it a lovely drape that sits still on the shoulders!


And if I ever go to the beach, It’ll double nicely as a sarong!  It’s got a certain mermaid tail quality to it…


Find my Ravelry page with complete details here! 


      1. Crafty Di

        Wow I can’t believe she is only new at it, she has definitely found a talent. You could team up to make one of a kind items to sell, even do custom colours for baby shawls etc. happy crafting x


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