Edge Swatches

This shawl is on track to be my quickest shawl ever!  Crochet is pretty awesome in that regard!  As I’m nearing the end of the ball, I decided to mess around with a couple different edgings.  I haven’t looked at the pattern in a week (the project is only 8 days old!), so why start now?

I thought, hey…no sweat!  I made that edge increase perfectly on my first guess…of course, I’ll be able to whip up the perfect edge with ease!  I tried a couple things, they weren’t even worth a digital picture!  The next attempt was better…


I messed around with the different elements of this stitch, slip stitch vs single crochet, a row of single crochet vs a row of sc-dc-sc for a scallop effect.  Nothing was really perfect so I likely re-invented the wheel when I chose this next one…


It’s a classic scallop edge, and it’s a classic for a reason…it definitely has the most polish to it.  Granny squares are as classic as crochet gets and Granny knows best!  So, once I rip out my little practice swatch, it’s less than 2 rows until I finish…There is light at the end of the tunnel…I could be back within the legal project limit by this afternoon!

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