More Crochet Fun!


Made lots of crochet progress since last week, when I started this shawl  on a whim!  I found myself putting down the knitting and picking up the crochet instead!  It goes so fast, it’s hard to ignore that fact!  I was cruising along, when I decided I don’t want a straight triangle shawl.


I thought about what I would do if I was knitting–I’d add a corner.  I took a guess at how to do it–add a new 3 dc-2ch-3 dc cluster at each edge and carry on as if they’d always been there.  And it worked!


I’m sure this is a basic granny square manipulation but I’m tickled pink that I figured it out!  I’m really having fun crocheting!  I think some of those forgotten crochet patterns in my queue are going to get bumped up!


Just a couple more rows and then something to dress up the edge, maybe a picot or a scallop row.  Anybody have a favorite crochet shawl edge I should look at?


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