Just Keep Knitting

Sabine is looking like a real sweater these days!  If I got sidetracked by something truly marvelous and never finished Sabine (knock on wood!), it would still be a sweater!  It would be a cap sleeve, cropped sweater but a sweater nonetheless!  It’s an exciting milestone!


Of course, this means I’m at an impossible to photography point in the work.  It’s a good chance to look at a pre-blocking photo though.  I love blocking…it’s gonna clear up all that wiggliness!

I’ve made it to the decrease point, the rows are now getting shorter!  Yay for less purling!  Fingers crossed that my focus sticks!  I’m hoping to get this finished before I get waylaid any further by last week’s new box of yarn.  I just keep telling myself the rows are shrinking and the sleeves are in the round!  No purls at all!!  I got that! 


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