24 Hours Without a Fresh Cast On?!?

For the first time all week, I’ve got an update on something old!  Despite all the new excitement this week, I did make quite a bit of progress on my Daybreak!


I’m experiencing the ‘stripes make me knit faster’ phenomenon.  It’s not uncommon but it’s still unusual.  There’s no logical reason for it but I’m sure most of you have experienced it as well.  I know what color is coming off the ball next but the excitement of seeing it develop right before my eyes propels me along!  It’s amazing how quickly I doubled the number of stripes here!

IMG_3074Despite all of the shiny new excitement this week, I’m still absolutely loving these stripes! Mom’s job (she’s a professional cake decorator!) has clearly gotten word of her prowess as a yarn dyer…I just heard she was named Employee of the Month!  It’s about time but this does not mean my quest to turn her into a professional yarn dyer is over!  I’ve booked my plane ticket east for Rhinebeck in the fall!  It’s hard to say which of us is more excited!  Good thing knitting makes me a patient waiter!  October is far off, but there is much to knit before then!

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