Because YARN!

Last week’s exciting new project  was forgotten for yesterday’s exciting new project.  Yesterday’s exciting new project is also now a thing of the past!  Allow me to introduce today’s EXCITING NEW PROJECT: (I am really that excited!)

IMG_3059Mom’s latest box of hand dyed yarn arrived yesterday afternoon!!  She’s completely outdone herself this time!  Here’s the first two skeins…(there’s two more that I’m saving for later!)

IMG_3048The photos don’t begin to capture the amazing colors she used!  In the last box, I gravitated to the warm colors, not my typical color palate!  This time, it was definitely the cool colors that grabbed me!  To say Mom knows her audience is an understatement!  I love this yarn!


IMG_3052I knew instantly, I would be winding this hank immediately and staying up all night knitting it!  and I was not disappointed!  I’m loving it even more in the light of day!

The pattern is Stephen West’s Dotted Rays.  I loved this pattern from the moment it was released.  At this point, I’ve actually bought 3 copies of the pattern, the single copy when it was first released and it’s been in two of the compilations I’ve bought as well! I talked about casting it on all the time but I just never got around to it.  Clearly I was waiting for this yarn!  Yes, it is my third WestKnit on the needles.  Yes, it is my third skein of Mom’s hand dye on the needles.  Add in that I own 3 copies of the pattern and someone mentioned doing a 3-3-3 closet cleaning project, it all made sense.  The universe wanted me to stay up all night an knit!


The only thing that could make my day better is a nap, preferably at 3 pm!


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