WIP Wednesday – Crochet Day!

I’ve been good about keeping my queue in check lately!  Continuing on in that tradition, I’ve decided to frog the market bag.   It’s hard to move forward with a project when I’m not enjoying the process.  I haven’t touched this project since February and I really want this yarn to be something special!  So it’s gone!


As practical as a market bag would be, I want to wear this yarn!  It’s Mom’s hand dye and she got my colors perfectly!  So attempt #2 is going to be a shawl!  And because I’m just in that kind of mood…it’s going to be crochet!


A quick Ravelry search, produced a half granny square, triangle shawl…perfect!


The pattern is the 8-Hour Shawl.  I’m skeptical  but it’s moving quickly so far and I’m loving it!  Definitely happy with my decision!  Another box of yarn from Mom is scheduled to arrive today!  I’ve gotta get cracking!

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