Sabine’s Triumphant Return

There’s only so long I can be mad at cashmere!  Sabine’s time out has come to an end!  It only took one little pet to convince me!  I’ve made up for all I had to frog and I’ve even gotten a little bit beyond there!


There she is!  I’m about to leave for a day that’s going to include several cross town bus rides…bag is packed and ready to go!  Today’s take along project was not Sabine, but now that I’ve looked at her for just a brief moment, I definitely need to repack the bag.  I’m so excited to see Sabine and I’m ready to make up for lost time!  I want to wear this sweater…yesterday!


    1. FogKnits

      Our buses are usually over crowded and I tend to ride the high crime routes but yesterday I got so lucky! My late evening cross town trek, I had the bus entirely to myself for half the ride! It was the best ride of the week, for sure!


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