Movie Theater Knitting

I mentioned yesterday  that I used to be an English knitter.  I was very resistant to change.  Old habits die hard.  Continental would be faster in the long run but not knowing what the learning curve would be kept me from switching for a long time.  Eventually, I caved in (thanks to carpal tunnel like problems) and made a serious effort to switch!  I’m happy to say, I am finally and officially a Continental knitter!!  The last hurdle for me…knitting in a dark movie theater!  It’s something I did often and without worry as an English knitter!  And now, I can do it as a Continental knitter too!  Woot!


This is my Necessary Cowl knock off!  I didn’t even notice that I was knitting with black yarn! It’s the perfect project for knitting in the dark, garter stitch with no shaping (I’m not crazy enough to knit lace in the dark. At least not yet!)   A trip to see Mad Max was the test run…and it was a smashing success!  It was an appropriate choice given this clip making the rounds:

Nicholas Hoult Learned to Knit on the Mad Max Set

I’m pleased to say, I’m a better knitter than both Nicholas Hoult and Helen Hunt!  I even fixed a dropped stitch in the dark!  Go me!  I’m off to see Pitch Perfect 2 today…hopefully I don’t get too cocky and mess the whole thing up!


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