WIP Wednesday: Colonnade

Today’s WIP was started in February of 2014!  It’s been in the time out corner so long, it’s never made a blog appearance!  I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for punishing Sabine  with an extended trip to the time out corner, through no fault of her own.  Not sure how picking up this long abandoned project assuages that guilt, but it has!


This is the Colonnade Shawl by Stephen West (why yes, I am a WestKnit addict, have you noticed?)  It was a free Knitty pattern many moons ago!  I started this shawl when the yarn  (Plymouth’s Galway Worsted) was donated to me in a fit of destashing.  At this point, even I’ve destashed most of it, keeping just one skein to finish this shawl!


The interesting thing here is the visible shift from when I picked it back up (at least visible to me-probably one of those things I fixate on and no one else even notices.)  I’ve added nearly all the lace bits since Saturday, about an inch is from the original knitting.  When I put it down, I was a mostly English knitter.  These days, I’m a mostly Continental knitter.  I’m happier with the Continental piece…because I know how much quicker it was!  Fingers crossed that most of the shift I see will block out at the end!


I’m flying along!  This should be off the needles very soon!  And I’m nearly ready to pick Sabine up again…last week’s fit of frogging is nearly a thing of the past!  Phew!


    1. FogKnits

      It’s really hard for me to show restraint, I’m prone to carpel tunnel-esque problems so I’ve got to limit myself. It was especially challenging with the long weekend! I just need to remind myself a little knitting is better than no knitting!


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